NodeSwitch™ Blind Motor Control: Vertical Slider

Group 1 - Living Room

We have animated this control, so please feel free to try it out ...

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You can purchase our Unity group controller for blinds and window openers, and our other control products in our online DIY automation store.

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Adrian Biffen
Senior Partner
NodeSwitch™ Controls

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Part 1A: Z-Wave & WiFi Blind Control: Cloning Motor Channels

Part 2: Blind Motor Quick Start Pairing With Your Z-Wave Hub

Part 3: Blind Motor Quick Start Pairing With Your WiFi Network

Part 4: Welcome to the WiFi Home Page

Part 5: Understanding the Controller Settings for Blinds and Window Openers

Part 6: WiFi Slider Control for Motorized Blinds, Shades, and Window Openers
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