phone app for smart home automation control

Android and IOS phone apps provide remote control for blinds and shades If you need a simple phone app to control your smart home, the RF-IR blaster hub from BroadLink® has quickly become our hub of choice for a number of reasons.

It is one of the first controllers that can "learn" RF radio commands. Many controllers can store IR commands that are typically used for TV and audio system control, but this is the first of its kind to learn RF remote control codes.

So it can directly control our radio motors, whether they are our new G series radio motors or the older R series motors. It also has timers too.

It can also control our window and skylight openers, our drapery motors, and many other devices, such as fans, LED lighting, etc. It can also learn x10 radio commands, if you have a few of those modules.

The Android and IOS phone apps are easy to use, and it's a really good way to put your old tablets and phones to use as home automation controllers.

Control TV and Audio Systems

home theater RF-IR blaster phone app does blackout blinds and projector screen

The BroadLink hub is also an excellent IR code learner, for controlling all your Netflix streaming, TV, sound and other media systems. With the ability to chain sequential events events to a single button press, you can very easily set up a process for a home theater system in a media room - dim lights, lower blackout blinds, turn projector on, activate audio system, deploy projector screen, select Netflix ... and on it goes ...

You can create a screen with button controls for your various systems quite quickly. Once that is done, you can clone that screen to any other phone or tablet on the local network. You can also upload it to the cloud to support family or clients in remote locations.

You can also extend operation to your laptop or PC by using software that puts your phone screen onto your laptop or PC, using mouse clicks to simulate button presses. We use the Seven Square program to display our Android phone screens on our Ubuntu laptops via USB connection to the phone. There are similar programs for Windows, Mac, and IOS.

It also has companion products for detecting environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, air quality, smoke detectors, etc. There are also has security accessories for detecting motion, window and door opening, and other events that are security issues.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our advanced technology products; if you have any questions, please contact us at any time!