Shelly Wireless Blind Motor Control with Alexa

The Shelly® UNI: A Very Versatile Device

Alexa controls blind, shade & window opener motors with Shelly UNI

The Shelly UNI is at the heart of our wireless group control kit for shade and window/skylight motor control.

It is a VERY versatile device, with 2 open collector outputs that act as dry contact relays. These 'relays' are used to trigger our group control transmitter (single channel multi-motor).

It also has multiple input capabilities, including the ability to read analog signals, but we are using just the output control for this application. There is also an excellent app that supports all their products.

But the capabilities of the Shelly ecosystem go far beyond the app! There is a full featured API (Application Program Interface) that executes simple http commands for operating the various devices, as well as obtaining the various inputs from sensors.

For those of you in the know, the Shelly products also support MQTT capabilities (a machine to machine communications protocol), and CoAP (status reporting technology).

If you are a Tasmota or ESP-Home fan, you'll be happy to know that it can be re-flashed for use with either of these two systems.

The Shelly® App: Powerful and User-Friendly:

the Shelly group kit controls blind motors and window/skylight motors

As we mentioned, all Shelly devices are supported by the superb app that you can download for free.

This is without a doubt the best app we have ever seen for IoT control (Internet of Things).

It gives you a very high degree of control over your various devices.

As an example, this would not work with our group transmitter, unless we could control the duration of the relay ON time.

We only want the transmitter to transmit a control signal for about 1 second; fortunately the app fully supports this - you can tell it to turn OFF after 1 second.

As another example, we have a 4K projector system that we use for staff CAD training, and we want lighting that gently ramps up after a session, so as not to blind our participants. The Shelly Duo Bulb does exactly that, and we have tried many bulbs that will not do this.

The Shelly® UNI Controls Our Group Transmitter:

Shelly group control schematic

The above diagram shows how to connect the kit; you can connect the screw terminal adapter that comes with the power supply to the screw terminals on the group transmitter marked with 12 volts.

You can purchase these products in our DIY online automation store.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our advanced technology products; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

"Powered by Shelly" article by
Adrian Biffen
Senior Tech
NodeSwitch Controls