Z-Wave and WiFi are effective ways to control smart homes

Z-Wave: A Powerful Digital Radio Protocol for Blind & Shade Control

example group of shades controlled by Z-WaveThe NodeSwitch™ series of Z-wave controllers are powerful "smart home" controllers that provide advanced capabilities for home automation.

Our sister companies have been producing custom blinds and shades for many years, and we have lately identified a need for a group controller that can operate groups of shade motors simultaneously, whether they are wire powered or wireless built-in battery motors. The Zwave Project is the direct result of that need.

We also wanted the controller to be capable of operating not just our blind motors, but also our electric low-voltage window openers, CurtainCloser™ drapery and curtain kits, ShadeSlider™ skylight shades, and other devices.

In the picture above, we see a typical room layout where several group controllers would be useful. The shades on the left side of the room are on the south facing sunny side, so you would likely control those shades more often than the shades on the other wall. This example is precisely the kind of situation these shade controllers were designed for.

Introducing the Z-Wave Unit: A Group Controller for Blinds & Shades

Z-Wave group controller for blinds and window/skylight openers We have developed the Zwave motor controller using the well supported Z-Wave® digital radio protocol.

We feel this allows much more flexibility when choosing the type of hub you will use, and it can also help to keep your automation costs low.

This unit can be mounted inside a closet, or on a panel in the basement, or anywhere that is convenient (the radio signal will pass through walls).

It has been designed with ease-of-use in mind; you can quickly pair it with any of our hand-held or wall mount radio remotes (multiple control locations allowed).

It will also quickly include itself into your Z-Wave network with 3 quick inclusion button presses as soon as it powers up, which is all you have to do to see the controls (UP/DOWN/STOP) appear in your Z-Wave app or hub interface.

You can then create various different "scenes" using Z-wave sensors, such as temperature or light sensitive blinds and window/skylight openers.

Our hand held and wall mount remote controls will also work with this unit, and you can have as many of those as you need (supports multiple control points).

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You can purchase the group controller, along with motors for blinds and window openers, and our control products in our DIY online automation store.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our advanced technology products; if you have any questions, please contact us at any time!

Adrian Biffen
Senior Partner
NodeSwitch™ Controls

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