Alexa master routine controls smart home with Broadlink RM4 Pro

Alexa Master Control Routines: Putting It All Together

Alexa uses Broadlink skill to control home theater

In the previous article we mentioned that we will be using the Alexa app MULTI-ACTION ROUTINES to control the Broadlink emitter. These are some of the home theater actions that can be controlled:

  • Projector Power
  • AVR power
  • Blackout Blinds
  • Projector Screen
  • HDMI input
  • Sound Mode & Level

We discussed the creation of an Alexa voice command with a single function: BLINDS CLOSE. You will have repeated that process to create another single function voice command: PROJECTOR ON.

We are now going to combine those 2 functions into a new routine called ROKU ON. This is one of the powerful functions of the Alexa system - the ability to add more than one action to a voice command, including previously created routines!

Alexa uses master routine to control blackout blinds & projectors

As discussed in the article 3 (cloning RF blackout blinds), the Broadlink emitter can clone (learn) both IR (infrared) commands (such as those used to control your TV) and RF digital radio commands (such as those used to control blind and screen motors).

With Alexa voice control, we can create a multi-action routine to control a home theater system, with the Broadlink emitter. It can also use Alexa to control many other devices, including heaters, TV, fans, lighting, etc.

If you hover your mouse over the pictures on this page, you will see some information about the picture, and the picture number, if it applies.

Creating A Multi-Action Routine:

example of a multi-action routine

In the this article you will create the master routine called ROKU ON, and assign 2 actions (blackout blinds CLOSE, projector ON).

This process is exactly the same as the process described in the previous article, so we won't show these steps here. Please keep in mind the only difference is that you will assign multiple actions, such as BLINDS CLOSE and PROJECTOR ON.

Please keep in mind that the key feature of the Alexa app is the ability to add more than one action to a voice command, including previously created routines.

In this picture we are showing a number of different routines we created to control the home theater system in our media room.

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