Broadlink Skylight Motor Control with Alexa & Hubitat Hub
The Hubitat hub supports the Broadlink IR/RF emitters that control blind motors and window/skylight motors

This article is about connecting your Hubitat® hub to your router for controlling low voltage blind motors, skylight/window openers, drapery motors, and many other devices.

The Broadlink RM Pro can "learn" RF radio commands, which means it can directly control digital radio motors and other devices. It is also an IR code learner for controlling systems such your TV and audio systems.

In the previous article we discussed the Hubitat setup; in this article we will provide the download link and instructions for installing the driver and app code.

Download the Broadlink® Code for the Hubitat® Hub

Please Note: This article series covers the use of the Broadlink RM Pro unit; it does not cover the newer RM4 Pro unit, which does not work with this code.

There are 2 different text files that need to be downloaded and installed on the Hubitat hub. One is the App code, and the other is the Driver code.

Here is the App Code download, thankfully developed and provided by a Hubitat user:

App Code

Here is the Driver Code download:

Driver Code

Installation Instructions for the Hubitat Hub & Broadlink Code

If you are using a PC and mouse, note the CLICK instructions below (the alternative PRESS directive would be for tablet use):

1. Click or press on the App Code link above; the code will appear in your browser (in a separate window).

2. Right click or press to SELECT ALL, then copy the code (CTRL-C or press Copy).

3. Select the < > Apps Code in the Hubitat interface.

4. Select the + New App button at the top right in the Hubitat interface.

5. Right click or press PASTE to insert your code into the Hubitat interface, then SAVE it.

Please note that the app is nearly 1000 lines long, so you are only seeing a small portion of the code in the following picture. Here is what it should look like, after you have pasted the code and scrolled to the top:

Hubitat pasted App code example

Please repeat the same procedure to copy/paste the Driver code; here is what it should look like (scrolled to top):

Hubitat pasted Driver code example

Here is what the Driver home screen should look like (note that the App code home screen will have a similar content, but it is not shown here):

Hubitat Driver home screen example


We sincerely hope you enjoy our advanced technology products; if you have any questions, please contact us at any time!

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