Broadlink Skylight Motor Control with Alexa & Hubitat Hub
The Hubitat hub supports the Broadlink IR/RF emitters that control blind motors and window/skylight motors

This article is about learning RF and IR codes with the Broadlink RM Pro emitter and the Hubitat home automation controller.

Please Note: This article series covers the use of the Broadlink RM Pro unit; it does not cover the newer RM4 Pro unit, which does not work with this code.

You can use your Hubitat® hub to control low voltage skylight/window openers, shade motors, drapery motors, and many other devices.

In the previous article we discussed the installation of the App and Driver code in the Hubitat hub; in this article we will use the installed code to learn RF and IR codes (and test them).

Learning the TV Mute Command (IR type)

Here are the steps to take:

1. Select Apps > Broadlink Device Manager (BETA)

2. Select Devices > Remote Codes

3. Select Device to Program (you may have only one unit)

4. Select Learn IR Code (yellow LED on RM Pro will turn ON)

5. Press MUTE button on remote control (yellow LED on RM Pro will turn OFF)

6. Type a NAME for the command (captured code will also appear)

At this point, the code will be learned, and you can test it by clicking on the "List of Available Codes"

Learning the Blind Command (RF type)

You will follow the same procedure, except at Step 4 you would select "Learn RF Code".

There are 2 things to keep in mind for RF code learning:

1. The remote has to be very close to the RM Pro (we held ours so it was actually touching the unit).

2. You have to send the code twice (press the remote button for about 2 seconds, then release it and press again).


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