Broadlink Skylight Motor Control with Alexa & Hubitat Hub
The Hubitat hub supports the Broadlink IR/RF emitters that control blind motors and window/skylight motors

This article is about creating a dashboard with buttons for controlling the learned RF and IR codes in the previous article.

Please Note: This article series covers the use of the Broadlink RM Pro unit; it does not cover the newer RM4 Pro unit, which does not work with this code.

You can use your Hubitat® hub to control low voltage window/skylight openers, blind motors, and many other devices.

This is made possible by the Broadlink RM Pro that "learns" RF and IR command codes.

Create the Dasboard

We will assume you have not created any dashboards yet.

1. Select Dashboards > then click or press the + symbol at the top right

2. A dialog box will appear, prompting you for a dashboard name

3. After giving the dashboard a name, a dashboard button will be created

4. There will be 3 vertical dots at the top right of the button

5. Click or press the 3 vertical dots to see a sub-menu, similar to the picture below

Hubitat dashboard button example

There are 3 important parameters that should be set:

1. Pick A Device > in our case it is "Den"

2. Pick A Template > in our case it is "Button"

3. Button Number > this must be the same name as the code string

The "Button Number" name was created when the code was learned, and in our case it was "mute". This is a critical part of the setup, and it insures that the correct code is transmitted by the Broadlink unit, when that button is pressed (we're not sure why it would be called 'Number' instead of 'Name').

Once you have configured these 3 items, you can close the sub-menu and test the button - at this point, it should work.


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